Ultra High Density Fiber

Ultra High Density Fiber: A Solution for You?


ultra high density fiberWith the enormous increase in demand for today’s data center environment, Storage Networking Administrators, IT Facility Managers and Data Center Managers face an incredible amount of pressure to offer efficient and reliable resources for companies around the world.


Data centers today prioritize conserving energy, saving operations costs, reducing floor space for patching areas and minimizing downtime as much as possible. With the increase in demand for better, faster, stronger, data centers also face an increase in IT demands, cost pressures, and pressure created by changing technology and architectures. This makes the finding of high performance solutions that can face all of those issues head-on that much more difficult — until the introduction of ultra high density fiber solutions.


Voice, video and data communications, as well as building automation systems migrating onto a converged network infrastructure, creates an exponentially increased amount of information that floods network space. For average storage area networks (SAN), this amount of activity can ultimately result in the need for patching fields to support both SAN directors and hundreds of ports resulting in wasted space in these physical locations. For ultra high density fiber solutions, this is not the case. These systems are built to support high volume data centers by innovatively configuring high-performance products into a smaller space with the cutting edge technology of fiber optics. That means greater functionality without the need for additional server space real estate.


But does “cutting edge” also mean “budget busting?” Not necessarily! With the current economic climate, data center providers understand well the need to cut costs while still maintaining efficiency. Whether it’s reducing energy consumption or becoming more efficient with the provided space, being budget conscious is no longer a trend, but a necessity.


That means choosing the right network infrastructure physical layer solution with the ultra high density fiber options at the outset of a data center construction projects can help data center managers keep cabling infrastructure costs low over the long term. Through greater efficiency in rack space, ultra high density fiber options not only help prolong the need to consider investing in increase server space, but also allows for increased airflow throughout the racks, reducing damaging heat and extending the life and efficiency of the product. Not to mention, being on the cutting edge allows you and your data center providers to integrate even more efficient and budget minded upgrades as technology improves and they become available


Installation and maintenance of new ultra high density fiber solutions will also make extensive time-loss and service down time a thing of the past,as well. The simplistic nature of this system gives installers the ability to perform faster installations with minimal downtime and even gives service providers the option to easily to increase capacity as demand grows. These units were designed to enable simple connections, excellent cable management and rear access, all the while minimizing bulk, complexity and potential restrictions to air flow


Fiber technologies exceed today’s standard for innovation and better prepare data centers for future network speeds. There units marry high density, rapid deployment and modular growth seamlessly so clients needs are met with the greatest level of efficiency. Essentially, ultra high density fiber solutions are exactly what data centers everywhere need – high performance in a smaller space.


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