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intelligent building

Intelligent Building

With help from NPI Connect, we get you set up with the newest and most cutting edge advancements for your home, such as the installation of intelligent building and smart home technology. Whether you are looking to retrofit your current home, or, designing a smart home for new construction, NPI Connect may be able to help you. Smart home modifications can be costly, however, attempting to install technology yourself can be more expensive if problems were to arise. There are a number of reasons for homeowners to consider professionals for assistance with the installation of their smart home technologies. Contact NPI Connect at (301) 548-0300 for your intelligent building design and achieve more while spending less through contributing positively to the environment. When thinking of hiring a professional, consider the following before you attempt a DIY installation:

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Reason #1: Technology Can Be Overwhelming

With so many options available on the market today, choosing the technology that’s right for you can be downright overwhelming. Designing your modification without the help of a professional company may result in some wrong turns at some point during the process. At NPI Connect, we can recommend top of the line, high-quality products and ensure that they are compatible with each other. A professional will be able to tackle obstacles in a solution-based manner with ease.  

Reason #2: You May Run Into a Problem You Can’t Figure Out

Although do-it-yourself options can give the allure of a less expensive and easy to install process, chances are you may experience challenges. If this occurs, you may be left to troubleshoot problems on your own. This can be incredibly time consuming and frustrating for a homeowner. In the long run, this could result in the need to hire a professional when all is said and done. As a result, it may cost even more than if you were to choose a pro the first time around. 

Reason #3: NPI Connect Guarantees Our Work

At NPI Connect we stand fully behind our professional team and our ability to provide you with premier intelligent building installation services. We are so confident in our services that we are sure you will be happy with your smart home installation. If you are not, we will work closely with you to fix any issues to ensure that you are completely satisfied with your modification. 

Reason #4: Even a Small Mistake Can Cost You

Installing intelligent building technologies can be more invasive than you originally thought. You will need to figure out how to wire certain types of features and ensure that your technology is working together. This can be incredibly difficult in a smart home installation. It’s important to note that smart homes are not superficial improvements, there may be some carpentry involved during installation.

Reason #5: A Professional Can Make Your Modifications Look Top Notch

There can be a significant expense involved when converting your home to a smart home. When making such an investment, you will want to make sure that your investment looks good. We can partner with builders when building a new home or modifying your current one to ensure that your installation is tastefully done. 

Reason #6: Access to technical support down the road

Once your smart home installation has been complete, you may face a technical issue at some point down the road. Not only will we provide you and your family with education regarding the use of your smart home, but we can also support you should problems arise.

About Our Services 

Don’t put yourself through the headache of installing your own smart home technology. It may appear easy, but, there are a number of technological troubleshooting problems that you may face. If you run into problems, you may not be able to sort your way through them. Not only can we help recommend products and features based on your needs, but we also offer a top to bottom smart home installation and help if problems arise down the road. Contact NPI Connect so that we may begin helping you design the smart home or intelligent building you’ve been dreaming of.

Defining Intelligent Buildings

The most accepted definition of intelligent building, what people also sometimes call a smart building, is the building which is designed and leveraged in the safest, most energy-efficient and environmentally friendly way. An intelligently designed building provides maximum comfort and services to its inhabitants while causing a minimum negative effect on the environment and thus ultimately contributes to both the environment and industry. However, another significant yet overlooked benefit of intelligent buildings is their cost-effectiveness. It has been proven that smart and intelligent buildings cost way less if you consider operational and maintenance expenses. Although sometimes it might cost a little higher to initially deploy an intelligent architecture of a building, the total cost of ownership is significantly lower than traditional architecture.

Designing Intelligent Buildings

In the design process of an intelligent building, the most important factor is the optimum use of technology, which includes both hardware and software. However, the hardware plays the most important role in an efficient design of the architecture of a smart infrastructure. The hardware requirements of an intelligent building include the understanding of the needs of monitoring the environmental realities when connected and synchronized with an electrical system. An example of an intelligent system would be letting it decide when to turn the air conditioning on or off. When there are no individuals in a room in the building, the air conditioning should turn off automatically. Another type of challenge for an intelligent building could be letting it decide when to turn on or off the room heater. In the winter season, an intelligent building room should turn off the room heater automatically when the optimum room temperature is already reached and turn it back on when the temperature is below average so that if a person enters the room, he or she finds an adequate temperature that maximizes comfort.

NPI Connect Design Approach

When we design intelligent and smart buildings, we take our clients’ requirements into account, while also attempting to minimize costs at the lowest possible level as well as increasing the positive effect on the environment as much as possible. The reason we are so successful in this industry is that we design the architecture from a holistic point of view, recognizing the responsibility to contribute to the environment, understanding the global phenomenon of the greenhouse effect, and contributing to the safety and comfort of our clients while contributing to technology.

Want to learn more? 

When you are looking at revamping your home or workspace and using intelligent building technology, you may have a few questions you want to ask the people who work with it every day. We get it: while smart building technology can make things easier for you, actually installing it and getting it set up can be more complicated. We believe in making this as simple as possible because you have better things to focus on. You can leave the details to us. If you have questions about intelligent buildings and how they can benefit you, don’t hesitate to give our office a call. 

Are there any particular industries that should be using intelligent buildings? 

Most people do not realize just how impactful intelligent buildings can be for a regular person. When you think of IT companies and technology industries, you likely think that they will have the cutting-edge smart technology used in their buildings. This may be true, but it does not have to be the only kind of company that uses smart technology. Almost any industry you can think of could benefit from intelligent building technology in some way, whether it is a retail store, your own home, or a college campus. 

How can smart buildings create safer spaces? 

When you are implementing smart building technology in your home or office, you will want to know if this will enhance the safety of your building as well. It may surprise you to learn that smart and intelligent building technology can make your space much safer. For example, many smart buildings come with their own temperature sensors that can notify you or the building’s administrative team if there is an unexpected and dangerous rise in temperature before a fire alarm goes off or before the situation gets worse. You can also equip your smart building with features that notify you of security threats and alerts, whether these are cybersecurity threats or physical threats to your building or the people inside.  Intelligent buildings can also be linked with a company’s network to make sure there are no data breaches and to make sure that the physical location of any company hardware is kept safe, whether it is from environmental threats or physical threats from someone trying to steal information. Rest assured, when you work with NPI Connect, we will listen to the concerns you have for your building and see how we can integrate different features into your smart building to give you exactly what you are looking for. 

Network Products Inc. (NPI) Explains the Advantages offered by an Intelligent Buildings

For those business and property owners who wish to reduce their operating costs, an intelligent building is increasingly the best solution. An intelligent building is one that reduces energy consumption while simultaneously improving efficiency. Without sacrificing comfort, an intelligent building makes it possible to enjoy convenience and increased safety without paying more. The technology that drives an intelligent building is advancing continuously, and NPI stays at the forefront of these changes in order to bring them to our customers. We assist building owners by providing customized intelligent building designs, literally from the ground up with new structures. We also adapt and upgrade traditional buildings to make it possible for them to leverage this advanced smart technology. To learn if an intelligent building design or upgrade is right for your company, give us a call to speak with an NPI specialist.

Understanding the Nature of an Intelligent Building

An intelligent building runs on a network that connects as many operations as a company needs. Typical intelligent building systems include the heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) as well as lighting, security, and humidity controls. Sensors are placed in key locations throughout the building to monitor ambient temperature, lighting, and other vital information. Not only does an intelligent building monitor the various systems in real time, it can automate them and modify settings to meet pre-determined values. In this way, an intelligent building truly lives up to its name. NPI specialists work with companies to determine optimum settings and functionality. Scalability also enables building owners to install only the software, hardware, and other network systems that they need for now and the immediate future. It is a seamless transition to growing that network and systems as a company grows or downsizes and their needs change.

The Benefits Offered by an Intelligent Building

When building operators and owners can remotely or on-scene monitor, control, modify, and automate the HVAC and other systems, they can reap the following benefits:

·         Consume less energy. Not only can it automatically monitor temperature and other climate controls, it can take into account the number of users and their locations in real time and weigh ambient internal conditions against outdoor conditions. By taking all of these factors into account an intelligent building can automatically make changes to reflect predetermined values. For example, if it is light outdoors, it can reduce the light settings in areas that are lit by the sun streaming through windows. Conversely, on hot days it can automatically close window shades and thereby reduce the need for costly air conditioning.

·         Greater efficiency. An intelligent building allows for maximum energy and overall s systems efficiency. By monitoring usage patterns in real time, an intelligent building can make changes on the fly. For example, if there are unseasonably warm temperatures, the automated system can increase air flow and the air conditioning during times of heavy use, but shut down when employees leave for the day, without anyone having to manually do it.

To learn more about the many benefits of an intelligent building, call NPI Connect today.

When it comes to defining an intelligent building, there is usually no specific or standard answer. The reason for this is that technology is constantly evolving; therefore, any definition taken as a standard yesterday can become obsolete today. So, the key for a building to be intelligent is to remain updated by always adopting the newest technologies available. Networks Product, Inc., also known as NPI Connect, is a leader in the development and deployment of intelligent building solutions and is available through calls at (301) 548-0300.