What is an intelligent building?

What is an intelligent building?In answering the question, “What is an intelligent building?” the answer can be difficult to quantify. This is because the technology is constantly in flux and evolving at a tremendously fast rate. Networks Product, Inc. is proud to be at the forefront of this technology as a partner in the development of intelligent building solutions.

The Nature of Intelligent Buildings

The idea of an intelligent building is not a new one, but there is not a universal definition of what this concept means. However, most agree that intelligent building technology is focused on providing as environmentally safe and energy efficient a structure as possible. In addition, they are designed to provide optimum comfort for the inhabitants whether the building is their residence or office. The cost savings and comfort that they provide is intended to provide the answer to the question of what is an intelligent building.

Designing Intelligent Building Systems

At Networks Product, Inc., we work with our clients to design the optimum intelligent building system for their needs. We can build them literally from the ground up or retrofit existing buildings. Cost, need, practicality, and materials availability are some of the factors we consider when making our recommendation of which solution is best for our clients. Another consideration is the future needs of our clients and how they might change or scale.

Hardware Considerations

In planning and designing what is an intelligent building for each client, one must consider hardware needs. They can vary considerably from one company to the next but some overlap. Primarily, hardware for intelligent buildings will include what is necessary to monitor environmental conditions, including the electrical system. For instance, if a room is empty of staff, the air conditioning may be reduced or turned off. The same is true for heating. For optimum efficiency, the building’s various systems are connected together which allows for a seamless integration and ease of monitoring. A smart building’s management or owner can remotely access the systems and override any setting as necessary. They can do this with a simple Internet connection, web browser, and a cell phone, tablet, or desktop computer.

The building’s hardware most often includes:

  • Motion detectors;
  • Closed-captioning television cameras;
  • Occupancy sensors; and
  • RFID scanners.

The Future

Because the technology is developing at an extremely fast pace, in the future the idea of what is an intelligent building may look very different from what we experience today. With software, hardware, and building materials constantly evolving and improving, intelligent buildings will reflect those changes with additional increases in efficiency, comfort, and flexible design. At Network Products, Inc. we place great emphasis on the evolving needs of our clients and what they would like to see available in intelligent building technology. We believe that technology should develop in response to what our clients want versus forcing our clients to use only what is currently available for the unforeseen future.

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