Intelligent Building Design

Smart Building Possibilities

Intelligent Building Design

Intelligent building design are buildings that the future has to offer. Since everything is now connected to the “cloud”, or the Internet of Things, connecting buildings to the Internet is an innovative new way to incorporate technology into living space. By connecting buildings to the cloud, it is possible to have better security systems, better control over heating and cooling, and even possible to control lighting by a click of your smartphone.

By integrating technology into buildings, we are able to explore the next level of architecture, creativity, and innovation. We are bringing technology to buildings in order to make them more efficient and effective for the people inhabiting them. At Network Product, Inc., we strive to create the smartest buildings that implement technology that is easy to use, and that will enhance the overall experience for the inhabitants of the building.

What exactly does an intelligent building design entail?

An intelligent building design creates an enhanced environment for people by using new technology to manage the atmosphere around them. The technology is not only used for a better experience, but also for cost efficiency. Some forms of operations in a building that an intelligent building can control may include:

    • Monitoring the power
    • Controlling the lighting
    • Controlling fire safety systems
    • Better security systems
    • Air quality control
  • Heating and air conditioning

If you have a business and would like to find a new headquarters, it may be wise to look into investing in a smart building. At Network Product, Inc., we have assisted businesses in both saving money and incorporating technology in the building to enhance the atmosphere of the workplace.

Benefits of Intelligent Building Design

Other benefits of implementing technology into your building include property value increase. If you plan to ever sell your building, the technology implemented in it may increase the market value. Smart investments will usually increase the property value of the building, especially with current technology on the rise economically. The more technology implemented in the building, the more likely it is to sell for more in the future.

Money may be saved on energy costs because of the technological systems that allow the energy to start and stop. This allows the smart building to regulate heating and cooling systems by telling certain parts of the building when to put on heat and when to put on cooling. The smart building can also turn off the heat and air conditioning when told by the smart system, so energy costs can be greatly reduced.

Smart buildings basically monitor themselves, just as they monitor the heating and cooling systems as mentioned above. Another example of an intelligent building design monitoring itself would be in its elevator system. For example, if the elevator system in a smart building were to malfunction, the building would be able to self-analyze the problem and contact a company to fix the broken elevator. This ensures people’s safety at all times.

Being a manager means trying to keep and maintain satisfactory employee culture in the workplace. Intelligent buildings can help employers maintain employee satisfaction. The technological environment created by smart buildings enhances the experience for everyone, and a better environment will help maintain employee retention.

Safety is also a benefit of smart buildings. The self-monitoring system of the intelligent building design ensures the safety of its inhabitants by self-assessing potential problems. For example, if the elevator breaks down it will notify somebody and shut down the elevator so that nobody will be stuck in a malfunctioning elevator. If smoke is detected in the building, the smart building will automatically signal a fire alarm instead of having a person do it manually.

There are many more benefits to having technology incorporated into your building, and if you have any questions or would like to know more about intelligent building design, please call Network Product, Inc. for more information. We have a team of highly skilled engineers and designers that are here to help make your intelligent building innovative and advanced.

Smart Building Possibilities

If you’re considering investing in an intelligent building design or smart technology upgrade, you have any number of options. When working with new clients, our specialists review current needs, anticipated future needs, including growth, and budget. Ideally, you would upgrade your existing systems all at once, or invest in a new intelligent building design. However, budgets do not always allow for this. At Network Product, Inc., we can help you determine priorities with the maximum possible return on investment for the short and long term. We are also firm believers in scalability. Give us a call to discuss your goals and learn how we can help you attain them.

To give you some ideas, here are five examples of what is possible with intelligent building design and technology:

    1. Optimization of HVAC system. Heating, ventilation, and air conditioning (HVAC) can be costly for a company. Smart technology can reduce costs with the use of advanced software to monitor, automate, and control systems for optimum usage. A networked HVAC system can consider the time of day, ambient air temperatures and humidity, to calculate how to meet user needs while also saving money.
    1. Reducing electricity usage. Depending on your users’ needs and climate conditions, electrical usage can be quite costly for your company. A specialist from our team can determine the feasibility of scheduling load reductions in conjunction with discount programs available from your utility company. By reducing electrical use during peak hours, you can substantially save on your electric bill. Scheduled electricity reductions can be possible and seamless with smart building technology.
    1. Enhanced building security. Smart buildings can take advantage of network connectivity to enhance the security of the facility. At the same time, automatic and autonomous systems can reduce management intervention. Talk to us about how a visitor management service can be enabled using a simple email client to register visitors. This is done through the use of user-friendly barcodes. We also offer wireless intrusion detection solutions. This functionality allows building managers to automate protection of secure areas, offices, even corridors or service elevators.
    1. Lighting efficiency. With a perfect balance of sensors, lighting controls, digital ballasts, motorized window shades, and other intelligent building design and technology we can make it possible to increase lighting efficiency and drive down utility costs. And, this can all be managed through a simple web-based interface which allows the user to monitor and control the overall system while on site, or remotely.
  1. Remote control of appliances. Some of our clients require the use of large, utility-intensive appliances such as walk-in refrigeration or cooling devices. Whether you have a server room that needs round the clock cooling protection, or you operate a large restaurant or a food distribution center, we can help you reduce your costs. Spoilage and over-refrigeration can be a thing of the past when you take advantage of smart building technology. One of our specialists can discuss with you how smart systems can remotely monitor and automatically adjust temperatures. This can even be done in various zones within a single unit. In addition to temperature, light, humidity and other variables can be controlled.

Myths About Smart Buildings

1. Smart Buildings Are Green Buildings

Buildings that are intelligent buildings are designed to operate systems within the building using automated processes. In order to qualify as a green building, a structure usually has to meet a set of standards that relate to sustainability. An intelligent building design can turn a smart building into a green building by ensuring sustainability requirements are included in the design. NPI Connect can help with designs of smart buildings incorporating green elements.

2. Only New Construction Can Be Smart

Many people think that to have a smart building, you need to build the structure from an empty parcel. However, you can retrofit an existing building to include smart features. An intelligent building design can plan for ways to utilize existing architecture and add features to automate key energy delivery processes.

3. A Smart Building Costs Too Much

If you build a smart building or retrofit an existing building to incorporate smart features, there will be upfront expenses associated with the upgrades for intelligent technology. However, you will be able to recoup the costs in the form of reduced energy and operational costs within a few years of installing the features. An intelligent building design with NPI Connect can show you the features that are likely to be most cost effective.

4. A Factory Cannot Be Smart

Incorporating smart features into a manufacturing facility can reap significant benefits and reduce production costs. Intelligent building design offers solutions for any kind of building to be automated for energy efficiency.

5. Using a Smart Building Is Hard

You may be concerned that smart building technology may be too advanced for you to operate, however, buildings with smart features can be easier to manage than traditional buildings. The automation of many systems allows you to set it and forget it. Intelligent features also allow you to maximize optimal use of equipment in your facility by providing relevant feedback related to the equipment’s usage.

6. A Smart Design Only Provides Energy Benefits

Conserving energy is a very popular motivation for someone to build a smart building. However, you can attain additional benefits from intelligent building design. Automated functions of machinery, including heating and cooling systems, can provide feedback about their optimal usage. Smart technology will alert you if there is something wrong with the equipment and needs repairs. You can also use automated feedback features to set maintenance schedules.

Give us a call today to speak with one of our highly trained specialists at Network Product, Inc. and find out how intelligent building design and technology can work for your company.