Smart Building Technology

Smart Building Technology

Smart Building Technology

What is smart building technology? If you are a building developer or designer, you may find yourself asking this question more often than ever, as the need for energy efficiency continues to grow. Smart building design is one effective means of lowering the costs and usage of a building’s energy, while at the same time creating an enhanced environment and experience for those occupying it.

About Smart Buildings

Smart building technology is generally defined as any system of integrated communication and control within a building’s structure that can provide a secure yet fluid environment for its occupants and operators. Through this kind of design, the activity necessary to make a building functional is automated and environmentally sustainable. This often means those activities run more smoothly.

Some of the systems that can be optimized through smart building technology include:

  • Lighting and power
  • Security and controlled access
  • Heating ventilation and air conditioning (HVAC) systems
  • Air quality management
  • Energy control
  • Elevators and escalators
  • Fire safety and smoke evacuation

Why Use Smart Building Technology?

The main goal of using intelligent building technology is to improve the efficiency and experience of a building in the most cost-effective way possible. For example, the average HVAC system will account for about half of a single building’s energy usage. Installing an energy management system that integrates the building’s central access control with the HVAC can reduce the HVAC’s consumption by nearly half. The costs are reduced, the building’s air quality and comfort level can also be improved using these methods.

Because of this cost-effectiveness, smart building technology is often chosen for its financial advantages. Most buildings using this technology have a higher value and greater potential to be leased because it has an increased level of effective environmental control. Its overall energy usage is lower thanks to lighting and HVAC system control, and thus the costs of energy consumption to you tend to be much lower. If there is any kind of systematic or single-component failure or malfunction, you can expect a quicker and more reliable response.

Finally, the access control and security that this kind of building design offers are, highly effective in improving the comfort level and experience of occupants, tenants, and workers. It makes entry and exit much more expedient, and assists in protecting the building from unwanted intruders. In the event of an emergency, smart building design can control any structure that would be affected, including elevators and lighting. This can go a long way in making the structure far safer than it would be otherwise.

Start Your Project with Us

Understanding new building technologies is the first step to integrating them into your daily life. If you are thinking about constructing a new building or renovating an existing structure, consider Network Products, Inc. to consult on the project. We have provided infrastructure planning and smart building design services for clients since 1986, and we can help you, too. Call Network Products, Inc. today at (301) 548-0300 to learn more about how smart building technology can work for you.

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Frequently Asked Questions

If you are considering smart building technology, our team wants to speak with you about the services we can provide. When considering such an investment, we know that you will have several questions about the services we offer and the benefits of this type of technology. By speaking with us, we can help you make critical decisions over your current project to take advantage of the many benefits provided by incorporating smart solutions into your project. Network Products, Inc. has taken the liberty of answering business owners’ questions, developers, and homeowners may have about smart technology. 

What are the benefits of a smart building?

Are you in the process of developing a project or considering the update of an existing building? Smart buildings provide users with a variety of benefits. Not only can smart buildings be customized to meet the specific needs of your business, its’ occupants, and clientele, they are also:

  • Energy Efficient
  • Cost-Effective
  • Better Building Management
  • Streamline Building Maintenance
  • Encourage Collaboration
  • Increased Security Measures

What are some of the complications that could arise with a smart building?

If you are considering smart building technology, chances are you will want to know what complications might arise. While a smart building can be an investment, in the long run, many of our customers see a return from efficiency, increased productivity, and predictive maintenance. One particular concern by many is the possibility that a building could fall victim to a cyber attack. Because this could severely impact business, it’s a common worry for those considering a smart building. Despite this concern, our experience can help to mitigate this issue. 

The process of designing smart building infrastructure seems overwhelming. Where would I even begin? Who would be able to help with this component of the process?

You may be wondering if you can work with your developer or contractor to customize your smart building. However, when initiating the process, you may quickly find yourself in over your head. Contractors may have some idea of how to design smart technology, but they don’t have the level of expertise provided by our team. We have been in operations since 1986; our founders and team have the experience that you can rely on. We can take the guesswork out of the process by developing a design based on your needs and recommending products that provide optimal performance. 



Smart Building Technology Trends and Evolving Approaches

One of the most intriguing, yet potentially frustrating, aspects of incorporating smart technology into construction plans is that smart technology is ever-evolving. Some teams shy away from the incorporation of smart technology out of the fear that whatever technology they invest in will be considered old-fashioned or obsolete within a few years. Thankfully, the experienced team at Network Products, Inc. is constantly learning about the evolution of smart building technology in ways that support a long-term vision. When you work with our company, you can trust that the investments you make in regards to this technology will serve your enterprise well into the future.

Our team understands this industry inside and out. We keep a close watch on industry trends but we do not “buy into” these trends unless there is truly compelling evidence to suggest that these trends will serve as far more than “flash in the pan” influences in re: how smart building technology can work to benefit those who invest in it. For example, if we spot a trend that doesn’t serve to both assist in facility management goals and support sustainability, efficiency, and valuable contributions to the use of space over the long term, we’re not going to suggest that our clients invest in that trend, even if it is “hot” at the time that our clients are looking to expand such investments. We pride ourselves on proving our clients with trustworthy, quality services that are forward-looking and evidence-based. When you work with us, you can trust that you’re not being presented with options unworthy of your sincere consideration.

Trends Worth Considering

There are some major trends in the evolution of smart building technology that is worthy of consideration in a broad sense. Not every manifestation of these trends is a good investment – meaning that individual products and approaches must be carefully evaluated before a client can confidently commit to embracing these trends in ways that meet the criteria listed above. However, some of the products and approaches that embrace these trends are worthy of strong consideration, depending on the goals that each client has in re: adopting smart building technology.

First, there is the incorporation of artificial intelligence and big data as features are driven to support sustainability, efficiency, and even personalization of space and experience. Next, is real-time cloud access, which permits space customization on any number of relevant smart building technology fronts. Similarly, shifting focus from information technology to more operational technology can personalize and customize experience through the direct monitoring or control of events occurring within the building in question, processes, and/or physical device interaction. There are seemingly endless ways in which the evolving nature of smart building technology can benefit the commercial real estate. The key is knowing how to tailor products and approaches to facilitate the unique needs and goals of an individual client – which is where we come in.

What services does Network Products, Inc. provide?

Chances are if you are considering this type of technology, you aren’t going to be engaged in the planning process on your own. You need a company with experience in this type of technology. Our Mid Atlantic Headquarters in Maryland and our South Atlantic Headquarters in North Carolina offer professionals with vast experience with smart technology. We provide services that include:

  • Designs that are sustainable and responsible
  • Assistance in understanding your available options
  • Help to ensure that you choose the best products on the market
  • Thoughtful, well-planned designs

When developing your next project, there will be much to consider in regards to the process. Planning can feel cumbersome, so choose Network Products, Inc. for assistance. We can help you endure the process with ease. To learn more about the services we provide for smart building technology, contact our offices today.

How Smart Building Technology Could Be Right For You

If you are currently in the process of developing a project or maybe have started to consider updating an existing building to integrate smart building technology then you should understand some of the benefits that could experience when you choose to use smart building technology. 

Using smart building technology could provide solutions to some of the most common issues that businesses are faced like overspending and inefficiency in building construction and use. A smart building allows for all systems to be connected, from air conditioning to security and lighting. A smart building uses sensors for things such as occupancy and people counters, actionable data about how the buildings are used provide insight and can help these systems perform better and efficiently.

Your financial savings could improve with smart building technology. The technology will assist with reducing energy consumption in a building by about 5% to 35%. With the sensors, it would be possible to use energy only when it is needed and not throughout the entire building when no one occupies it. Reducing energy consumption could mean significant financial savings and this could be one of the most effective approaches to meeting any green goals that your company might have or aim to meet. 

Those sensors that will be used throughout the building will provide data about how the building is being used. This allows for smart building technology to make any necessary adjustments about where heat and light are required. These sensors will help identify any areas that are overused and underused throughout the building, which provides you with the opportunity to optimize space utilization and which could result in growth potential. 

Additionally, smart building technology could enable predictive maintenance so that you are aware of the maintenance that is required throughout the building. Sensors can detect building performance and activate any maintenance procedures before an alert is triggered. This technology allows you to have more insight and understanding of how the building is operating and being used so that you know when to implement necessary maintenance at the right time to ensure safety and longevity. 

Smart building technology also has the benefit of meeting occupant satisfaction. If the occupants in your building are present daily or they rely on your building to provide some level of comfort then incorporating this type of technology could ensure that they are happy and satisfied. Smart building technology allows for buildings to be specifically designed to deliver a more comfortable experience for their occupants and to ensure that health and safety considerations are met. If occupants are happy that means they are more productive because they are comfortable and have the facilities that they require to be satisfied.

Business Data Center solutions and planning are our bread and butter. That is why we aim to make it easy for you so that you can sit back and relax while our team of highly experienced and tenured professionals create a powerful infrastructure tailored to your industry’s needs. Call Network Products, Inc. to get started on incorporating smart building technology into your plans.

Smart Building Technology

Smart buildings aren’t just something to anticipate for the future, they have arrived, and these technologies are being implemented into buildings worldwide. Smart buildings come in all shapes and sizes; while some may be equipped with this technology from the onset, other buildings are retrofitted to accommodate this changing landscape. Chances are, you have stepped foot into buildings that are equipped with some level of smart technology. Spaces with this form of technology offer several advantages for business owners, and the building’s inhabitants, which is why consulting with NPIconnect to discuss smart building capabilities and how they align with your building’s needs is in your best interest. 

Understanding Smart Buildings

Smart buildings are equipped with technology such as software and hardware that automate standard operational building processes. Typically a smart building can efficiently operate the structures’ systems to optimize the experience for its inhabitants. When designed by a professional, these buildings can provide efficiencies that offer convenience, in addition to saving time and money. 

Features and Benefits of Smart Building Technology

Smart buildings have a range of capabilities and can be tailored to meet the needs of building owners and tenants. While many may consider building from the ground up or customizing a current property, it’s also possible to start by making small changes. Smart buildings have several benefits and features that include: 

Enhanced Security Measures

Building owners have a duty to ensure safety within their buildings, and smart building technologies can offer improved security measures to ensure the safety of building occupants. Taking advanced security measures can provide peace of mind for occupants and offer cost savings over using more traditional forms of security, not to mention the prevention of possible crimes that could result when a building is not safely secured. Features can include:

  • Mobile Phone Recognition for Entry
  • Security to Prevent Cyber Attacks
  • Constant Monitoring
  • Disaster Response Measures
  • +More

Cost Savings

Investing in smart building solutions is an investment for the future. While there may be an upfront cost associated with smart building capabilities, there can be cost savings associated with this technology in the long run. Smart buildings provide detailed analytics of how the building is operating, and, over time, it can learn the patterns of its inhabitants. In addition to having equipment and more energy-efficient systems, resulting in reduced costs and green technology, smart buildings are automated to adjust temperature settings during peak times and reduce energy consumption by automatically turning lights off in areas that aren’t occupied. 

Improved User Experience

Smart buildings can offer ease for those who have access to it. Whether the building houses employees who are reporting to work every day or inhabitants who live there full time, the experience of a smart building offers great convenience. Additionally, having a facility with these capabilities can help businesses have happier, healthier employees who can collaborate and access technology with ease. 

Smart building technology will continue to evolve, with greater and more convenient features for optimizing user satisfaction. The process of designing a smart building and making the proper selections is often overwhelming, which is why the assistance of a professional from NPIconnect is in order. With the assistance of our experienced team, property owners can gain insight into the advantages smart building technologies have to offer, along with a customized solution to fit their needs.