Design Assist Services

NPI offers a wide variety of technical support and design assist services to ensure that the recommendations made are fully explained and documented prior to purchase and installation. We don’t like job site surprises any more than our customers do!

Careful and thorough documentation ahead of installation enables all parties to confidently and quickly deploy  projects without the need for change orders, on site retrofits, and delays caused by improper product selection and location.

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Our support documentation comes in a variety of formats such as AutoCad, ReVIT, BIM, Visio, PDF, and SolidWorks.

We often support the following applications with one of the above methods of drawing support:

  • 3D and Isometric views of Telecommunications Room Rack and cable tray layouts
  • 3D and Isometric views of Data Center Row Rack, Cabinet, and cable tray layouts
  • Rack Elevation drawings detailing switch and patch field locations for copper and fiber optic cabling
  • Data Center Containment Pod isometric views to facilitate airflow and access discussions
  • PDF Documentation of Fiber Optic System design validating Insertion Loss, Polarity, and gender mapping for Plug and Play Fiber, and MPO/MTP cassette systems.
  • Explanation of the benefits of an OM4 vs OM3 Multimode Fiber Optic Solution to validate the value of purchasing higher bandwidth products for future applications.
  • Location of Cable tray systems relative to Data Center cabinets ensuring entry and exits from cable trays above match the entry and exit points of the server cabinets for copper and fiber optic patch cords.

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Examples of our work are below:

NPI Connect Design Assist Services

DP1600906CrevB DP1601801CrevA nCompass_Two rack_Elevation SKDC032316-01_a2