Smart Building Design

Smart Building Design

What are the benefits of smart building design – and what exactly is a smart building? These questions are not easily answered without a great deal of expert insight, but at Network Products, Inc., our North Carolina intelligent building company consultants are well versed in the technological needs of modern businesses, and, in particular, how their office spaces should rise to meet those needs.

Intelligent building design, one of the many services we offer, is an incredibly innovative way to optimize the convenience and sustainability of the average office space, data center, or similar structure. Smart building design applies information technology to the flow of a building and integrates all of its services at both a low cost and a reduced environmental impact.

What Makes Smart Buildings Smart?

Smart building design can encompass a wide variety of different automated technologies, but ultimately, what makes the building “smart” is the interconnectedness of all of its services. When each of a smart building’s services is tied together in a single system, it makes the building itself highly responsive and efficient. The overall automation makes it possible for inefficiencies, potential problems, and necessary adjustments to be addressed quickly, and thereby keep the building running smoothly. It also improves communication not only on a person-to-machine basis, but also between people and between machines, and does so both within the building itself and with others outside of it.

Common Components of Smart Buildings

While a smart building is defined by the presence of a holistic system of automation, there are a few common components that tend to be present in most smart building design, mainly directed toward efficiency in both energy and productivity.

Some of these often-seen components include:

  • Highly optimized ventilation equipment, set to create an efficient and comfortable environment.
  • Balanced power consumption systems, which alter the building’s electricity usage based on the lowest possible cost of power, and actually can create revenue by selling the reduced load back to the grid.
  • Calculated equipment maintenance, which offers automatic analysis via algorithms to find problems and mitigate them before they get out of hand.
  • Energy use matched to occupancy, which means that the building systems’ efficiency will be attuned to the number of people present.

Even these more general elements of smart building design can make a major difference in a business’s operating costs, productivity, and energy efficiency – and could potentially benefit yours, too.

Network Products, Inc.: We Understand Efficiency

Since 1986, Network Products, Inc. , our North Carolina intelligent building company has been working with businesses to help them optimize and improve the efficiency of their buildings’ infrastructures. We are passionate about helping companies accomplish their goals when it comes to embracing innovative technologies. How can we help you move toward yours?

When it comes to introducing automation in order to improve your home, office, space, or building, there are many routes to take, and we would love the opportunity to share them with you. When you’re ready to discuss the next step you want to take toward incorporating smart building design into your business, give us a call today.

Is an Intelligent Building Right for You?

As an intelligent building company in North Carolina can explain, an intelligent building is any structure which utilizes automated systems to control the operating systems in the building. These systems can include air conditioning, heating, ventilation, lighting, security, and other systems. This is accomplished by microchips and sensors that collect data and then use that data to run these systems with the utmost optimization.

At Network Products, Inc., our North Carolina intelligent building company consultants have been assisting property owners and facility managers improve the performance of their buildings while saving energy and money, for more than 30 years. Let us show you what we can do for your property.

Intelligent buildings ensure that the temperature, air quality, lighting, security, and more are working at their highest efficiency level. This round-the-clock attention to the comfort level of the structure also provides an environment that promotes more productivity to those who are working inside.

Where to Begin

The beauty of intelligent buildings is they are not just for brand new structures, but can also be installed in existing buildings. This is done taking all the core systems of a building – electric meters, water meters, HVAC, lighting, elevators, fire alarms – and linking them all together into one. By linking these systems into one single network, each system can exchange information and work together. Motion detectors, cameras, scanners, and sensors are also placed throughout the building which also assist in that constant gathering of information.

How Do Intelligent Buildings Work?

The sensors that are placed throughout the building register any kind of change in the conditions of the building. For example, the sensors will register that people have left a room and the room is empty. The intelligent building system can be programmed to shut off lights in the room, as well as adjust the temperature so it is more conducive for an empty area. This can greatly decrease energy costs.

Sensors can also register if there has been any breach of security, a change in air quality, or any other issue. Facilities managers, or whoever the appropriate person is, will then be notified of the issue and can address it immediately before the situation turns into a crisis situation.

As our North Carolina intelligent building company consultants can explain, not only do intelligent buildings benefit owners, but they also benefit tenants. Being able to offer tenants the more affordable energy costs is a very attractive business feature. Imagine being a tenant running a business, knowing that air conditioning and heating will automatically be adjusted on different zones of the building based on whether or not that area is occupied.

Tenants are also attracted to buildings that provide an overall safer environment than regular structures. With an intelligent building, you are able to offer tenants the peace of mind of knowing that all systems in the building are constantly being monitored, keeping their employees safe.

In Summary

Intelligent buildings can reduce energy expenses, improve the operations of the building, increase the productivity of occupants, and provide an enhanced security and safety. If you would like to find out what type of intelligent building we can design for your property and all the benefits this system can provide, call Network Products, Inc., an intelligent building company North Carolina businesses recommend today.