Intelligent Building Solutions

Are you looking to streamline your business with intelligent building solutions? If so, NPI Connect can help. Since 1986, we have been installing intelligent building technology in government, healthcare, and legal facilities. As one of the largest companies for data center and cabling solutions, NPI Connect has a team of highly experienced professionals with decades of experience. If you would like to know about our intelligent building systems, call NPI Connect today.

Intelligent Building Solutions

Managing the technology that enables a building to function is a highly intricate, complex task. As the number of different intelligent building solutions magnifies, the task of creating streamlined systems that work also grows in magnitude. Over the last few years, building owners and managers seek effective, intelligent building solutions that meet the challenges of data storage and transfers, security, cabling, and so forth.

NPI Connect offers intelligent building solutions on a controllable platform that integrates everything a building may need into a unified network.

Do You Need Intelligent Building Solutions?

If you are wondering whether are not intelligent building solutions will be right for you, consider the following questions:

  • Do you want to reduce your carbon footprint and overall energy consumption?
  • Are you looking to increase your tenant loyalty and satisfaction?
  • Would you like to protect tenants with security methods that are not intrusive?
  • Are you interested in lowering your operating costs?
  • Would you like to comply with all state and federal regulations in a more effective manner?
  • Are you seeking to manage a modern building with state-of-the-art technology?
  • Are you ready to reap maximum ROI?

If you answered ‘yes’ to any of these questions, intelligent building solutions are the right solution for you, and NPI Connect can help.

When you implement intelligent building systems, you can address every single one of these matters simultaneously. Once the plan is developed and implemented, you will notice a significant improvement in your building management’s functionality and performance. Lower operational costs and increased savings in energy are just some of the benefits.

Motion sensors will help keep the lights off and temperature down when a space is not in use. Cleaning crews or guests can be monitored using RFID technology. IP networks enable authorized personnel to adjust the building’s specific settings using a smartphone or tablet and a cloud-based secure system. As a unified operating environment, NPI Connects intelligent building solutions are highly cost-effective and easy to maintain.

Fuel Your Business Transformations with Intelligent Building Solutions

NPI Connect is considered to be an industry leader in the mid-Atlantic area. As intelligent building solutions expand and evolve, we continue to add the latest technologies to our systems. If you are interested in learning how you can control your buildings’ automated systems, we encourage you to call NPI Connect. One of our team members will walk you through our products and services and explain the process of getting started. We will answer any questions or concerns and help you to make a deducted decision about what is right for your building and budget. To find out about intelligent building solutions, call NPI Connect at (301) 548-0300.

Reasons Smart Buildings Should Be Your Top Choice

Those considering intelligent building solutions may be hesitant for many reasons. There are a few reasons building owners may be reluctant to make such a big decision. An owner may choose not to consider a smart building because of the cost of constructing an intelligent building or retrofitting an existing space. However, prospective clients should always keep in mind that over time, the benefits can not only outweigh the costs, but building owners may save money in the long run. Network Products Inc (NPI) can not only help you to plan your smart building strategically, but we can also customize it based on your needs and your budget. The following are critical advantages to an intelligent building that interested parties should be aware of:

Advantage #1: Smart Buildings are Green and Can Reduce Your Carbon Footprint

For many business owners, corporate responsibility is often at the forefront of the business. Smart buildings can reduce organizations’ carbon footprint and reduce energy costs. As the building begins to understand the occupant’s patterns, it can adjust climate control, lighting, and more to save resources. It should come as no surprise that energy costs for a large building can be astronomical, especially during the cold months of winter as well as the summer months. A smart HVAC system can be efficient, ensuring that the space is comfortable and ensuring you are not wasting energy. 

Advantage #2: Happier, More Productive Employees

Intelligent building solutions that are convenient and easy to use for its inhabitants, in the long run, can go a long way. It may be surprising that this can make for employers who are happier to be at work and, in turn, more productive. Smart buildings can make the climate more comfortable, meeting spaces more convenient, technology more accessible and even make room for natural opportunities to collaborate with coworkers. Perhaps another critical point to make is that happier employees are more effective in their jobs and are also more likely to stay with their employer. This comes at a huge cost benefit because job retention ultimately saves businesses money as productivity will not be slowed due to job vacancies, recruitment costs, and the training process.

Advantage #3: Safety Should be Your Top Priority

Among the advantages that smart buildings can offer is its’ ability to enhance occupants’ safety in several ways. Not only will a building alert maintenance when there is a problem with the structure, but it can also be equipped with security features that monitor the people moving in and out of the building. Suspicious activity can be monitored and managed, promptly playing a pivotal role in ensuring occupants’ safety.  

Advantage #4: Properly Manage the Maintenance of the Building

One significant advantage can help reduce downtime and ultimately ensure increased productivity for your business. Over time, this can have substantial cost savings. When it comes to maintenance, building management will be notified when maintenance is needed. This can mitigate the risk of systems falling into disrepair or no longer working, resulting in an emergency. 

Get Started by Contacting Network Products Inc (NPI)

Our team wants to help you make decisions over how intelligent buildings can help support your business needs. With our experience, you can work with professionals who will listen to your needs and provide you with smart technology options. We know there will be several decisions to make, and our team can happily assist with the process. To learn more about our intelligent building solutions, don’t hesitate to schedule an appointment with us today!