In search of infrastructure planning and design for your growing organization? NPI is a leading infrastructure planning and design company providing communications solutions for multiple industries including legal industrieshealthcare industries, and government industries. By creating custom designed business data centers and cabling solutions, we make sure every system is built around your needs. Using the latest technical software to create sustainable infrastructure design and planning blueprints, we bring trouble-free manageable resolutions for all small and corporate businesses, as well as Government, Legal, and Healthcare industries. Business Data Center solutions and planning is our bread and butter, making it easy for you to sit back and relax while our team of highly experienced and tenured professionals create a powerful infrastructure tailored to your industry’s needs.

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What you will see:
Mighty Mo® Racks and Cabinets integrated with Cisco Switches
Cablofil Overhead Basket Tray
Category 6 and 6A Product Solutions
Wiremold Raceway, Poke-Thrus, Floorboxes, and FlameStopper Products
Ortronics Overhead Rack and Cabinet for Top of Rack Designs
Ortronics Angled Patch Panels
High Density Fiber and Copper Solutions
Pre-Terminated Fiber and Copper Solutions

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