Line Card


Introducing Network Product Inc.’s Line Card

For those not familiar with the nature of a line card, we would like to provide you with a “line card” listing of the quality products offered by trusted companies with whom Network Product Inc. partners. Below is a brief listing of our technology partners that help us provide reliable and state-of-the-art services for our customers. We encourage you to contact us to learn more about how Network Product Inc. can help your company, and your company’s bottom line, grow exponentially with tailored and scalable infrastructure solutions.

To learn more about how we engage with our line card technology partners in custom designing business data centers and cabling solutions, contactNetwork Product Inc. today.

Network Product Inc. Line Card:

Legrand. Legrand provides a range of solutions and products that are developed to solve a company’s unique building network pain points. As the Internet of Things evolves and incorporates more and more devices, it forces a building’s network to scale accordingly. Legrand supports this growing industry with the manufacture of cabinets, racks, and connectivity for networks.

Superior Essex. Superior Essex is one of the world’s largest cable and wire manufacturers. They design, manufacture, and distribute critical wire and cable products.

Tellabs. Tellabs assists our customers with their optical network technologies that make connectivity possible.

Platformatics. The Platformics system incorporates intelligent Power over Ethernet nodes, cloud-based applications, Ethernet switches, light fixtures, area controllers, wall switches, and sensors. Platformatics enables IT system integrators to merge existing IT devices, from access points to video surveillance cameras, with lighting devices across the system.

Lencore. Lencore engineers and builds system solutions for mass notification emergency communication, sound masking, audio, and paging.

Brother. Brother provides advanced network cable labeling.

Tripp-Lite. For over 95 years, Tripp-Lite has offered a premium line of quality power protection products. Their hallmarks are exceptional product reliability and outstanding customer service. Tripp-Lite manufactures more than 4,000 products that power and connect computers, electronic devices, and networking equipment. They are renowned for enabling companies to power, protect, organize, and control the vital parts and pieces of a network and keep it running reliably.

Prime Conduit, Inc. Prime Conduit designs and manufactures quality conduit solutions for numerous markets, including electrical, utility, and telecommunications.

MaxCell. MaxCell is on a fast track to global recognition for the superiority of their products geared toward the network construction industry. MaxCell products are the standard for many businesses whose mission critical needs rely on cost efficiency and the maximization of conduit space. This includes Fortune 500 companies, global telecommunications companies, and cable MSOs. MaxCell is on Network Product Inc.‘s line card in part because they offer the network construction industry’s only flexible fabric innerduct system designed for their unique application needs.

Caddy Cat HP. Caddy Cat products provide invaluable fixing, support, and fastening solutions.

ITW Electronic Component Systems. Electronic devices need advanced and reliable protection from power surges and power outages. ITW Electronic Component Systems offers the surge protection that powerful networks require and which protect a company’s valuable assets. Surge protection solutions also minimize the risk of downtime during utility company power outages.