Smart Building Systems

Smart Building Systems

Have you ever heard of smart building systems? Perhaps you might be more familiar with the term “building automation.” Inherently one and the same, smart building technology makes it possible to control a building through a customized central system. This allows for the automation of occupant comfort, reduction of energy and operating costs, and maximization of the life cycle of the control systems.

NPI Connect has been in operation since 1986. We have garnered a reputation across the Mid-Atlantic as being reliable for data center design and installation as well as the implementation of smart building designs. If you are interested in smart building systems, give us a call today to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

Smart Building Systems Services

NPI Connect offers a range of services to our clients across various sectors including commercial, healthcare, legal, and government industries. Some of our services include:

  • Engineering: At the core of any facility’s energy performance, the occupants’ comfort is of supreme importance. NPI Connect offers engineering design services that help to develop critical systems: power, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, and safety. We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and goals. We aim to deliver a product that meets or exceeds their initial requirements.
  • Energy Consumption: When considering a building’s performance, one must take into account its consumption of energy and the resulting costs. In an effort to conserve energy and reduce operating costs, smart building systems can be developed to monitor current energy usage and estimate savings across a monthly or annual basis. We can ensure your building is operating at maximum efficiency and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Low Voltage Electrical Contracting: A smart building system requires precise connectivity. Our trained and certified technicians at NPI Connect can install low voltage systems including fire alarm systems, CCTV, access control, and so forth. After discussing your integration needs we can provide you with customized smart building systems that are easy to manage on-site or via a remote device such as a cell phone.

Other Services Available from NPI Connect

It may be difficult to know what type of smart building systems you need which is why you should consult a professional at NPI Connect. Some additional services you might be interested in may include:

  • Full room automation
  • Information security control
  • Alarms and security management
  • Hot and chilled water system control
  • Air handling management
  • Heat management
  • Blind control systems
  • Lighting control systems
  • Occupancy control

Learn More About Smart Buildings! 

When you are considering implementing smart building technology in your building, you understandably want to learn ways that this kind of building can help you and help the other people who work in your building. Utilizing smart building technology can help you run your business better and make it more energy-efficient. Though it is not a simple process to set your building up as a smart building, you will quickly see how it can benefit you. Want to learn more about smart buildings? Read on. 

Are there challenges to creating smart buildings? 

When you are considering making your building a smart building, you understandably want to know if there are any challenges involved. One challenge is that there is no one, out-of-the-box system for everyone. There are different standards and different ways of implementing smart buildings and it can be hard to know which system is right for you. Another challenge is making sure you are working with someone who will take the time to get to know your needs. NPI Connect does just this. To give you a product and a service you are happy with, we work hard to know precisely what will work best for you. 

What kinds of benefits do smart building systems offer?

As buildings get smarter and smarter, you can know that we are working hard to continue bringing customers a product that is cutting edge. Smart buildings can:

  • Continue learning. When you deploy smart building technology, it doesn’t mean that you have a system that is set in place. Instead, this kind of technology keeps learning and growing as your business grows. If you have meetings in a particular area, it can remember this and save your preferences.
  • Create a healthier workplace. When it comes to your building, you may not realize what kind of harm it can do to you and your employees. Smart building technology can sense when air quality is poorer and send alerts to increase air quality. It can also sense when lights need dimmed or brightened to help keep your employees satisfied and help reduce eye fatigue.
  • It can reduce energy consumption. You may not realize how much you are wasting on energy every month until you drill down on the numbers. When you have a smart building, it can begin gathering data on where you can reduce your energy consumption and make changes. Are there areas of your building that are used less often? It can be programmed to reduce the ac and lights in that area for a certain period of time.

Smart Building Systems for Retail Stores

Are you a retail store owner? If so, what if the door of your store could unlock itself when you arrived? After you entered, perfectly toned lights turned on, signifying the HVAC system is in working order. On a warm sunny morning, the air conditioning kicked in and began to reach the comfortable temperature range you previously programmed for your shoppers. This is only a fraction of what smart building systems for retail stores can do. 

Smart Building Systems in Retail Stores

Smart building systems in a retail store can help with management, organization, structure. It can reduce operating expenses and add to the comfort levels of shoppers and workers. NPI Connect has installed custom smart building systems in hundreds of retail stores including:

  • Department stores
  • Grocery stores
  • Supermarkets
  • Warehouse retailers
  • Specialty retailers
  • Convenience retailers
  • Discount retailers
  • Mobile retailers

Energy Management in Retail Stores

Owners and management of a retail store do not have time and money to waste on the costs of operating the building. A smart building system comes with various automation settings that can dim the lights or adjust the temperature of the building based upon the occupancy or time of the day. Every type of room, including restrooms, storage rooms, sales floors, and basements can be automated so that energy is consumed on an as-need basis. 

Reliable HVAC System

Generate more profit by ensuring your customers have the most comfortable shopping experience possible. A smart HVAC system can be critical to retail stores and works with you to make sure all areas of your store are set at the right temperature. 

Video Surveillance

Smart building systems can incorporate state of the art video surveillance that allows you the monitor any area of your retail business. You’ll get a 360 degree view of the designated space. You will also be able to remotely watch the live video feed, and contact security or policy immediately if a breach occurs. 

Fire System

It is prudent that you have an efficient, modern fire system in place. This not only protects occupants but also valuable assets such as your merchandise. Our smart building systems can include a smart fire system that notifies you of a fire, contacts the fire department, and informs you of any malfunctions in the equipment (i.e. sprinkler system). 

Structured Cabling

A smart building system cannot run efficiently without the right cabling. The team at NPI Connect can help you to lay structured cables for phone and internet lines, a sound system, credit card machines, or more. With this in place, you can feel confident in knowing you will get the most out of the technology. 

Additional Features of Smart Building Systems for Retail Stores

  • Alarm system notifications
  • Panic buttons
  • Silent alarms
  • Access control systems 
  • Intercom systems
  • Mass notification systems
  • + More

Call NPI Connect to Get Started on Smart Building Technology

Whether you have a small building that needs to be brought up to date with modern technology or a large, multi-office facility, NPI Connect can help. By integrating smart technology with your building you can decrease the time you spend in managing the building, reduce your overhead, and make the facility more user friendly. If you would like to know more about smart building systems and how they are designed to meet current and future needs, call NPI Connect today.