Smart Building Systems

Have you ever heard of smart building systems? Perhaps you might be more familiar with the term “building automation.” Inherently one in the same, smart building technology makes it possible to control a building through a customized central system. This allows for the automation of occupant comfort, reduction of energy and operating costs, and maximize the life cycle of the control systems.

NPI Connect has been in operation since 1986. We have garnered a reputation across the Mid-Atlantic as being reliable for data center design and installation as well as the implementation of smart building designs. If you are interested in smart building systems, give us a call today to arrange a consultation with one of our experts.

Smart Building Systems Services

NPI Connect offers a range of services to our clients across various sectors including commercial, healthcare, legal, and government industries. Some of our services include:

  • Engineering: At the core of any facility’s energy performance, the occupants’ comfort is of supreme importance. NPI Connect offers engineering design services that help to develop critical systems: power, lighting, plumbing, HVAC, and safety. We work closely with our clients to determine their needs and goals. We aim to deliver a product that meets or exceeds their initial requirements.
  • Energy Consumption: When considering a building’s performance, one must take into account its consumption of energy and the resulting costs. In an effort to conserve energy and reduce operating costs, smart building systems can be developed to monitor current energy usage and estimate savings across a monthly or annual basis. We can ensure your building is operating at maximum efficiency and make recommendations for improvements.
  • Low Voltage Electrical Contracting: A smart building system requires precise connectivity. Our trained and certified technicians at NPI Connect can install low voltage systems including fire alarm systems, CCTV, access control, and so forth. After discussing your integration needs we can provide you with customized smart building systems that are easy to manage on site or via a remote device such as a cell phone.

Other Services Available from NPI Connect

It may be difficult to know what type of smart building systems you need which is why you should consult a professional at NPI Connect. Some additional services you might be interested in may include:

    • Full room automation
    • Information security control
    • Alarms and security management
    • Hot and chilled water system control
    • Air handling management
    • Heat management
    • Blind control systems
    • Lighting control systems
    • Occupancy control

Call NPI Connect to Get Started on Smart Building Technology

Whether you have a small building that needs to be brought up to date with modern technology or a large, multi-office facility, NPI Connect can help. By integrating smart technology with your building you can decrease the time you spend in managing the building, reduce your overhead, and make the facility more user friendly. If you would like to know more about smart building systems and how they are designed to meet current and future needs, call NPI Connect at (301) 548-0300.

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