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Smart Building

How important is it to monitor a building’s systems?

Smart building systems are gaining traction in today’s world, but there is still a great deal of confusion as to what they’re capable of achieving. Many realize that a smart building is energy efficient and reflects cutting edge technology. At Network Products Inc. (NPI), we recognize the power of a smart building when its inherent ingenuity is fully leveraged. To that end, we help customers design, build, and maintain a custom smart building solution that meets their unique needs. Monitoring a building’s systems is imperative for maximizing its efficiency. A smart building makes this process fairly easy, and in fact, it incorporates automation technology to maintain optimum efficiency. This includes:

·         Heating systems

·         Ventilation

·         Air conditioning

·         Lighting

·         Security systems, smoke and fire alarms

How is a smart building system designed?

To enable maximum efficiency and the ability to monitor the building’s system, NPI considers a customer’s full suite of needs and workflow when creating solutions. Our technicians sit down with a customer’s staff to determine needs, goals, and ideal scenarios. This may include the need for a cold room to house sensitive and heat-generating computer servers. Seasonal variances in exterior temperatures must also be considered as the fluctuations will affect interior temperatures as well. The same is also true for lighting; a smart building will take into account shorter winter days when more lighting will be required as opposed to the long days of summer.

Ultimately, a smart building not only enables a company to work smarter and not harder, it allows its only operations to work at maximum efficiency. At any time, automated systems can be manually overridden for emergencies or on occasions such on company holidays when employees will not be in the office. The smart building systems can also be modified and scaled to match a company’s growth or downsizing efforts.

NPI serves a wide range of customers and demographics. They include commercial customers, government customers, legal customers, healthcare customers, education customers, among others. Talk to us about your company’s vision and goals. Whether you have one location, a far reaching campus, or satellite offices across continents, NPI is here for you.

Can a smart building incorporate new technologies over time?

As a company’s needs grow and change, so too does technology and the options that become available over time. When NPI creates a smart building solution for a customer, we take into account the fact that despite using the latest technology, there will eventually be upgrades available. For this reason, as much as is practical, we design smart building systems to be compatible with future options. This will reduce future costs and in many cases, it makes it possible for a company’s internal staff to make the changes necessary without having to hire outside IT contractors.

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