Smart Building Platform

Smart Building Platform

Smart Building PlatformAs a business owner, you may be considering a smart building platform for your business, which is where NPI Connect comes in. Our dedicated staff offer years of experience in developing business solutions that are designed to meet your particular needs. We know that when making this sort of investment, you will have many questions. Our staff can provide you with answers and a customized approach with our variety of products and services. Let us bring your building into the future with our smart building solutions. Call NPI Connect to get started with a member of our team serving the mid and south Atlantic today. 

What is a smart building platform?

Smart building platforms are operating systems that have risen in popularity. IoT has become in demand for businesses looking to use this form of innovation to optimize the building experience for occupants and tenants, reduce energy consumption, increase security, and save money. Smart buildings use information-sharing technology to share information about the building and streamline functioning. This information is gathered and stored to optimize building performance. Smart building platforms incorporate sensors throughout the building to track when rooms are in use, which can help management to keep track of which resources within the building are heavily utilized and which are often wasted. 

Why should I choose a smart building platform?

Because smart building platforms can be customized to meet the specific needs of the building and inhabitants, they can be an attractive option for a variety of reasons. The following are key advantages to a smart building platform developed by NPI Connect: 

  • Reduce the energy footprint
  • Ensures that occupants have what they need
  • Provide continuous data collection and adjustments that can be monitored remotely
  • Ensure that maintenance is completed promptly
  • Save money
  • Increase occupant safety
  • Use available resources better

What are some common types of IoT technology used in smart buildings?

IoT or the internet of things is a series of technology that is made up of sensors and devices that are equipped to provide building occupants with a variety of benefits. Common types of IoT technology that is often incorporated in our smart building platforms include:

  • Security
    • Smart Locks
    • Cameras
    • Credential Readers 
    • Track Access
  • Tracking Occupants in Common Spaces
  • Sensors That Monitor:
    • Maintenance
    • Fault Detection
    • Fire Detectors
    • Carbon Monoxide Detectors
  • Cloud Data
  • Energy Efficiency
    • Water Consumption
    • Electricity Usage
    • Air Quality
    • HVAC Monitoring
      • Temperature
      • Heating/Cooling
      • Humidity

Why choose NPI Connect for my smart building platform

For a system that is built to meet the specific needs of your occupants, choose NPI Connect. We have experience in serving several industries that include healthcare, commercial, government, schools, higher education, financial institutions, and more. Since 1986, our team has been providing premier smart building services to clients up and down the Atlantic. Let us work with you on your next project; our extensive experience and dedicated staff can help you customize your project to meet your needs. 

Smart building platforms require planning, especially when searching for smart building IoT that meets the needs of your business. Our team of professionals at NPI Connect is available for free consultations to begin the planning process. Kick your building up a notch with our smart building platforms by contacting NPI Connect today!.