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How can EPDs/HPDs help with LEED projects?

  • LEED v4 projects can earn points for using products supported with EPDs and HPDs
  • Products covered by EPDs/HPDs can contribute to one (1) point in the Material and Resources credit category
  • To earn one (1) point, building project teams must use at least twenty (20) products from at least five (5) manufacturers which have EPDs
How do I apply for EPD/HPD points?
  • Engage the design team during a building project’s kick-off meeting to let them know which products can contribute toward points with an EPD and/or HPD
  • Specify products that have a published EPD and/or HPD and transfer the EPD/HPD documentation to the design team leade
 Multi-Attribute Certification 

A complete overview of the sustainability of a product, its packaging and manufacturing processes, certified by GreenCircleCertified, LLC and offered as part of the Multi-Attribute Label Pilot Program.


A source of transparent, scientifically-based information certified by Underwriters Laboratories (UL) Environment which discloses the full environmental impact of a product or product family.


A self-published report conducted by third party consultants which describes product contents and each ingredient’s relationship to human and ecological health.