Sustainable Building, Washington DC

Sustainable Building Washington DC

Sustainable Building, Washington DC

At NPI Connect, we have seen how sustainable buildings in Washington, DC have become more popular each year. In fact, according to the Metropolitan Washington Council of Governments, Washington, DC was named as one of the greenest cities in the region. The council is encouraging more sustainable buildings, which will hopefully add to the 23 million + square feet of LEED-certified (Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design) green building space. Washington has led the way with building new, or converting old, into LEED certified properties, followed by Virginia, and Maryland. The LEED certification is based upon how well a sustainable building in Washington, DC meets the standards of green construction, as well as, operation.

Top 5 Sustainable Buildings in Washington, DC:

  1. American University
  2. International Monetary Fund
  3. Glen’s Garden Market
  4. Treasury Department
  5. U.S Green Building Council

Advantages of Sustainable Buildings

There are a large number of benefits to Washington, DC sustainable buildings and elsewhere. Some of the top advantages include:

A Reduction in Waste

The construction industry is responsible for nearly 35% of the countries waste. A sustainable building can reduce waste, on many levels, because they have a reduced environmental impact, as well as, incorporate many different renewable resources, materials, and other green-friendly products.

Materials Can Be Used More Efficiently

A sustainable building uses water in a more effective way. Take for example, restrooms that may be used throughout the day, and by many people. By incorporating ecologically friendly toilets, sinks, and hand dryers, not only may the energy costs be reduced, but also waste water. Some sustainable buildings also make use of rainwater for restrooms, as well as, solar or wind energy to power the building. Contractors and building owners can review their options and decide what best suits them during a consultation with NPI Connect.

Sustainable Buildings Can Help Protect the Environment

When a sustainable building is built, recycled materials are typically used – when possible. This recycling contributes to the protection of the local, and global, environment, as well as, the reduction of waste. In addition to this, DC sustainable buildings typically take all ways to to save energy into consideration. For example, the structure and windows will be insulated to ensure heat and air is kept within the building. This air will then be circulated using an energy efficient purification system so that is clean and fresh!

Noise Can Be Significantly Reduced

Any noise can be distracting for busy employees. Furthermore, it can affect the mind and overall well being of a person. Sustainable building designs take into consideration noise, and how to reduce it in the most ecologically friendly way possible. Some ways to reduce noise may include:

  • Utilize trees and other methods of landscaping around the building
  • Build noise barriers between the building and the noise (i.e. highway)
  • Make use of noise augmentation between the source of the noise and the building

The aforementioned can be developed using green methods that are cost affordable, and add value to the property.

Sustainable Buildings in Washington, DC Improve the Quality of Life for Everyone

There are countless benefits to sustainable buildings. Not only are they saving developers money and keeping operating costs at a minimum, they are improving the quality of life for its occupants, and society. To learn more about our sustainable buildings in Washington DC, call NPI Connect today.