Intelligent Building Systems

Intelligent Building Systems

Intelligent Building Systems

At NPI Connect, we believe that one of the most all-around effective decisions a company can make is the installation of intelligent building systems for their properties. NPI Connect has been helping companies just like yours since 1986. We have built a solid reputation for being the Mid Atlantic’s biggest and utmost technically diverse manufacturer’s representative organization.

With more than four decades of combined experience in projects that encompass education, legal, health care, transportation, and other complex endeavors, we will provide you with the most cost effective infrastructure design that meets all of your company’s needs. All of our systems are designed utilizing tools such as AutoCad, Revit, and Visio. Whether we retro-fit your existing infrastructure or create a brand new one, you can be assured NPI Connect will provide you with the most solid system for intelligent buildings available.

What Are Intelligent (Smart) Building Systems?
We have reached the age in building construction where it is not enough for a home or office to provide warmth and shelter. Nowadays, thanks to how technology has evolutionized, it is possible to deliver comfort for occupants while also making the building efficient, reducing costs, and saving on environmental impact.

Smart building systems combine multiple functions into one system, leaving building tenants and occupants assured that their safety and security is your top priority. Our systems can control security, surveillance, smoke and gas detection, elevator, electric, lighting, and HVAC all in one system.

At its very basic sense, a smart building is one that utilizes technology to share information regarding what goes on inside the building and between systems, to maximize building performance. The information gathered is then used to create automatic processes, such as ventilation, heating, air conditioning, and security. The main features of an intelligent or smart building is listed as follows:


  • Use of Sensors: sensors are an important part of smart buildings and have an influential role in data collection, that is used to decide where to allocate resources.
  • Automative Processes: after data is gathered by the system and analyzed in real-time, it enables monitoring and adjustments that control how the entire building runs. 
  • Connected Systems: the main feature of an intelligent building is the fact that all of its core systems are linked together. So systems such as fire alarms, lighting, power, pumps, and water meters are connected, making the building “smart” because these systems can communicate between the others. 
  • Data Collection: intelligent buildings can generate a large volume of data that is valuable for property owners and business managers, so they can continually ensure that the building is functioning optimally. 


Benefits of Intelligent Building Systems
Using smart building systems to monitor security cuts down on the traffic coming in and out of the building and this helps block breaches of security from occurring. Protection is also provided for IT data and all other critical building resources.

Smart building systems also ensure all building occupants are safe from any air quality issues by monitoring the HVAC system. The system monitors for any toxic gas release, as well as providing smoke detection. If the system does detect smoke, containment via the HVAC system will take place immediately.

All in all, intelligent building systems can make occupants more productive, reduce energy consumption, protect data, save on operational costs, and so much more. If you are interested in learning more about how having a smart system can benefit a property, call NPI Connect today.

Our intelligent building systems also help your company cut down on energy costs by cutting down on energy waste. By using occupancy controls and sensors, the system can automatically turn off lighting when areas are unoccupied. The U.S. Department of Energy has calculated that companies can save approximately 30 percent of their energy bills each year by implementing these systems.

As Your Company Grows, So Does Your Intelligent Building System
NPI Connect is your partner in success. That’s why our systems are designed to grow as your company grows. We are able to incorporate any changes, add new technologies and new equipment that your building may require. Not only do our systems help you save money, they also help to increase the value of your property and business. In addition to designing and installing your system, we also provide continued support and maintenance. All of our clients know we are just a phone call or email away.

Learn More about Smart Building Systems Today
There are so many benefits to having a smart building, from efficient costs to environmental stewardship. Smart buildings are still relatively new, however, with the range of benefits they provide, we have a strong feeling it will soon become the norm. If you would like to hear how our intelligent building solutions can save your corporation money, contact NPI Connect today. We would be happy to meet with you and discuss the different intelligent building technology our company offers. Our company has multiple locations in both the Mid and South Atlantic areas.

Contact one of the best intelligent building systems, NPI Connect, by dialing (301) 548-0300.