Architectural Intelligence: The Need for High Performance Green Buildings

The World Business Council for Sustainable Development determined that buildings consume 40 percent of the total energy generated by most countries. Global energy production can’t keep pace with increasing demand. This requires rethinking how buildings are designed and acknowledging the importance of incorporating energy efficiency and sustainability in new construction.

Energy prices for oil, natural gas, and electricity have fluctuated drastically over the last few years. One constant is that a high performance green building can dramatically reduce the energy consumption needed to operate it while also satisfying the energy needs of the building’s users.

High performance green buildings use Architectural Intelligence (AI) to manage and monitor energy usage. By using less energy and practicing sustainability, green buildings will likely generate less CO2 emissions and usually cost less to own and operate. They may also reduce the impact of climate change and meet governmental regulations.

Legrand is leading the way by developing systems and products for electrical installations and information networks that take advantage of AI technology. This technology enables customers to achieve Leadership in Energy and Environmental Design (LEED) certification for the design and operation of data centers and other types of buildings that are traditionally energy-hungry.

Since 1986, Network Products Inc. has worked on projects for many industries including data centers, healthcare, education, transportation, government, and legal. We partner with manufacturers such as Legrand that offer innovative solutions and assure best practices in areas of energy efficiency and cost reduction.


Using AI technology, modern buildings can be highly energy efficient and secure at the same time making it possible for users to maximize productivity and cost-effectiveness. Legrand offers energy efficient digital lighting kits to control daylight harvesting that can be remotely programmed. Legrand’s group brand WattStopper won the 2015 Product of the Year category by Electrical Construction and Maintenance magazine for their Digital Lighting Management retrofit kit.

Legrand’s innovative waste reduction technology includes pre-wired patch products to reduce packaging. Their rack systems come fully assembled which reduces waste because they require less packaging.

Health and safety initiatives include the first AFCI/GFCI and GFCI combination receptacles. Furniture and enclosure systems are GREENGUARD certified. Legrand expects Restriction of Hazardous Substances conformity to increase from 80 percent in 2015 to full compliance in 2018.

The Value of Green Buildings

The International Energy Agency predicts that by 2030, three fourths of energy sources will still be CO2-related. If the global temperature increases by three degrees Celsius by that time as experts expect, that may spell catastrophe.

Energy prices for natural gas, oil, and electricity are volatile and will likely remain so for the foreseeable future due to erratic weather patterns and commodity speculation. In large part due to AI technology, high performance green buildings may allow the following:

They can be programmed to avoid or reduce energy consumption during peak rates when cost is much higher.

Overall energy efficiency can be significantly higher than non-high performance green buildings.

Building owners can sell excess energy generated through renewable sources back to the grid.

Smart buildings can automatically pull energy from renewable power sources.

Because the consumption of energy continues to climb as populations increase, high performance green buildings may reduce our global reliance on fossil fuels. This may be possible because green buildings maintain or increase productivity and functionality while simultaneously reducing environmental impacts in energy, carbon emissions, water, waste, and materials. The financial byproduct of this approach is increased profits due to lower operating costs and higher productivity.

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