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Since 1963, Nelson Fire Stop Products have been protecting against fire, smoke, water and explosions in military and commercial marine vessels, oil rigs, production platforms, commercial buildings, and industrial facilities. Nelson Fire Stop offers the right class of protection with an extensive product line, backed by dedicated service and in-depth knowledge of application needs and local requirements.

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Wiremold FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings provide installers with a variety of UL Classified ready-to-use options for transitioning cables through firewalls and floors to ensure that the integrity of the fire rating is maintained. These fittings have been tested by Underwriters Laboratories Inc. to ASTM E814 UL1479, Fire Tests of Through-Penetration Firestops. The Flamestopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings offer a passive fire and life safety system with ratings up to four hours (with or without cables installed) to complement existing sprinkler systems and up to three hours for through floor applications.


Legrand FlameStopper Solutions

Legrand is an industry leader in providing firestopping products appropriate for retrofit as well as new applications. NPI is proud to offer Flamestopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings due to their quality as well as flexibility. They also provide installers with a range of immediate use options that are UL Classified. Flamestopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings permit cables to transition through floors and firewalls while maintaining their fire rating integrity. They have successfully passed numerous test ratings, including Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. (NPI can provide data sheets with detailed fire safety ratings information on request.)


With or without the cables installed, the Flamestopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings provide a passive life and fire safety system rated for up to four hours. They can complement sprinkler systems that are already installed, and they are rated for up to three hours when using them in through-the-floor applications.


The Many Features and Benefits of Using FlameStopper Solutions


NPI customers have long understood the many benefits and feature-richness of Legrand firestopping solutions. Our solutions experts can help you decide if they are a good fit for your existing or planned applications. Here are some of the most popular reasons for why many North American companies choose Flamestopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings:


  •         Minimal smoke or air leakage. Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. rates them L in this category from 1.9-5.9 cubic feet per minute.
  •         Designed and manufactured for use in retrofit as well as new applications. FlameStopper can be used in conjunction with a retrofit kit for firestopping protection in existing floor and through-the-wall cable penetrations. New installations are also suitable with the use of FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings.
  •         Plenum rated. FlameStopper has been tested to UL2043 and is approved for use in air handling areas.
  •         Approved for use in through-penetration firestop systems as per Underwriters Laboratories, Inc. which classifies it as meeting safety standards established by the U.S. and Canada. They are rated T and F for up to four hours. FlameStopper maintains its fire stop integrity for floors and walls whether they are fully occupied, partially occupied, or empty. (Specific cable ratings are available via the UL Fire Resistance Directory.)
  •         Cables can be easily removed or added. It’s as easy as adjusting the doors to accommodate cable sizes without having to adjust, add, or remove firestopping materials.
  •         Can be used with any size or thickness of walls. FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings are installed on each side of a wall that is fitted with an EMT conduit of two or four inch trade size pieces.
  •         Inspections are easy. FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings are available in a highly visible powder coat red with an accompanying preprinted label. The installer simply fills out the label prior to receiving approval from the inspector. In this way, the fittings are compliant and firestopped from the moment of installation through to maximum cable load.
  •         A professional-looking and streamlined installation is possible without undergoing extensive and expensive training. This drives down the cost because it enables a company’s internal IT staff to complete the job rather than hire contractors. This makes FlameStopper Thru-Wall/Floor Fittings particularly attractive to companies that must maximize their return on investment in a short time frame. It can also speed the inspection process, further saving costs by reducing or eliminating post-inspection delays common with other fittings solutions.


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