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Internet of Things

Internet of Things

Since many places are now providing smart building solutions for customers, it only makes sense that we begin integrating these buildings with the Internet of Things.  With constant innovations in the technology fields and advancing infrastructure needs, our specialists are asked a wide range of questions, but some are more common than others. Here are the answers to questions that may be of most interest to you regarding the Internet of Things and smart building advancements. We invite you to contact us to speak with one of the specialists at Network Products, Inc. to learn more about smart building solutions, the Internet of Things, and which ones may be of benefit to your company.

What is a smart building?

Though there is a growing awareness of the existence of smart building solutions, much confusion still exists about how they may benefit one’s own company. In effect, a smart building is one that leverages technology to automate the building’s environmental systems. By automatically controlling, maintaining, and integrating the building’s heating, air conditioning, ventilation, security devices, lighting, and other systems, their efficiency can be maximized. And though automated, they can still be modified using manual inputs from the smart building’s occupants and building managers.

What solutions does a smart building offer as compared to a traditional structure?

One example of what a smart building is capable of is in automatically turning unnecessary lights off during the more brightly lit parts of the day or when the building will be unoccupied such as through the night. If the automatically adjusted lighting is insufficient, the room’s occupants can increase it. As opposed to buildings that are left largely unattended or unmanaged, a smart building incorporates solutions that effect immediate savings costs. In fact, a company might save as much as 20% of their typical energy costs by taking advantage of smart building solutions.

What is the Internet of Things?

The Internet of Things is the catchphrase used to describe the growing network of Internet-enabled devices and machines. It also references how these physical objects communicate with one another in the same building and across the Internet to other devices that feature an Internet Protocol address.

How is the Internet of Things related to smart building solutions?

The Internet of Things is enabling smart building solutions to spread across a company’s offices or campuses and capture maximum cost savings and improve their bottom line. In this way, smart building solutions evolve into smart enterprise solutions. Talk to one of our Network Products, Inc. specialists to learn how we can help your company integrate the Internet of Things with customized smart building solutions that can optimize your workflow and cost savings.

How secure are smart building solutions to online as well as on-premises intruder attacks?

The smart building solutions we develop on behalf of our customers is security-driven. The energy management system is cloud-based and protected using advanced security software. It can also be secured locally by your on-site authorized personnel and even remotely by using a customized password.

Contact Network Products, Inc. to learn more from one of our specialists about how smart building solutions and the Internet of Things can help your company enjoy cost savings and improve its profit margin.