Racks Systems


Mighty Mo® Cable Management Racks


  • Honeycomb side rails designed to maximize the airflow of network equipment.
  • High density racking solution
  • Choice of vertical management
  • Patented channel construction
  • Built-in top trough with waterfalls
  • Open channels top and bottom
  • EIA hole pattern front and rear of channel
  • Can be assembled as a 19″ or 23″ rack
  • Footprint 23.75″ W x 21.5″ D (when assembled as a 19″ rack and rear base angle turned in)
  • Speed nuts included
  • Rack includes hardware kit, two packages of hook and loop D-style straps and 50 #12-24 equipment mounting screws


  • Combined with baffles, manages intake and exhaust air creating cold aisle/hot aisle distribution from side vented equipment
  • 45 rack units front and rear
  • A solution for every application; vertical cable management cage with individual rack unit fingers and hinged door, vertical cage with hinged access latches, and cable management rings
  • Protects and conceals your horizontal cabling like no other rack
  • Gives bend radius control and cable routing
  • Allows floor and ceiling access for horizontal distribution cables
  • Supports equipment shelves and heavy electronics while power strips and other accessories can be mounted to the rear rail without using additional rack space
  • No additional hardware required; no need to stock two sizes of racks
  • Stays within a 2′ square footprint
  • Increases speed and ease of assembly, while adding extra strength to your rack–Speednut eliminates the need for a second wrench

Mighty Mo 6
6.5” Deep

Mighty Mo 6
10.5” Deep

Mighty Mo 6
16.25” Deep

Mighty Mo 10
162.5” Deep

Mighty Mo
10 Server

Mighty Mo Cable Management

Mighty Mo 6” W x 8” D Vertical Manager

Mighty Mo 10” W x 13” D Vertical Manager

Mighty Mo 12” W x 13” D Vertical Manager

Mighty Mo 16” W x 13” D Vertical Manager