SNAP: Pre-Terminated Copper Solutions

Clarity SNAP™ Pre-Terminated Copper Cabling System offers the above-the-standards performance of Clarity® connectivity in a custom terminated cable assembly system that’s ready to plug and go. Its innovative modular design combines high performance and installer friendly features with the quick deployment and reliability of a factory terminated and tested cabling system.


Clarity SNAP also offers Port Replication capabilities, combining the enhanced performance and convenience of the Clarity SNAP system with a modular design that allows a patch panel to act as the administrative cross connect for servers and switches.

The Clarity SNAP pre-terminated cabling system includes cable assemblies, TracJack® workstation modules, and patch panels in your choice of six-port module patch panels or individual jack panels.


The Increasing Popularity of Choosing a Clarity SNAP Pre-Terminated Copper Cabling System


More and more, pre-terminated copper cabling systems are growing in popularity. It’s become the smart choice for many businesses because of their all-encompassing advantages. Data centers and commercial buildings are some of the most common users of pre-terminated copper cabling systems. We encourage you to contact us if you’re unsure as to whether or not it is the right solution for you. Our specialists can help you analyze the cost benefits in order to make an informed decision.


How a Clarity SNAP Pre-Terminated Copper Cabling System Works


A pre-terminated copper cabling system is made up of factory manufactured cables as well as modular components that already have connectors attached. Generally speaking, they are plug and play and are pre-configured for a company’s network. The most popular forms of a pre-terminated copper cabling system include:


  •         Discreet or attached cassette modules
  •         Trunk cables
  •         Cable bundles with connectors that are protected with pulling grips
  •         Connectorized fan-outs


Data Centers and Open Offices—the Right Fit


Data centers and open offices are two of the most common users of a pre-terminated copper cabling system and for good reason. Data centers in particular must be scalable owing to increased demands for network capacity and processing demands from a growing customer base. A pre-terminated copper cabling system is scalable as well as easily configurable to current and projected needs. It is flexible for expanding or reducing network traffic across a data center or open office.


Additional Benefits of a Clarity SNAP Pre-Terminated Copper Cabling System


  •         Cost reduction. A pre-terminated copper cabling system may require a higher initial investment, but mid- and long-term savings can be significant.
  •         Labor reduction. Because a pre-terminated copper cabling system is by its nature pre-configured, it requires less engineering effort to install, maintain, and expand it. In addition, the pre-terminated links are usually pre-tested which greatly reduces the likelihood that your staff will experience issues.
  •         Time saving. A pre-terminated copper cabling system requires minimal effort to design, engineer, install, maintain, test, and troubleshoot. In contrast, field terminations can be very time intensive and require significantly more effort in each of these areas.
  •         Increased security. Data centers and commercial businesses have a legal and ethical obligation to ensure that their networks’ security systems are sufficient. A pre-terminated copper cabling system is less skills intensive for installers and those who are tasked with maintaining the network.
  •         Heating and cooling advantages. A high density network environment requires care to maintain the optimum temperature to prevent hardware malfunctions and failures. Proper airflow is part of that equation, and a pre-terminated copper cabling system can enable this through the use of plug and play cassettes, trunk cables, and other assemblies integrated with high density frames.
  •         Space saving advantages. Space is often at a premium and has a direct ratio to the amount of real estate that an office or data center requires. A pre-terminated copper cabling system make it possible to upgrade and expand because it’s a flexible solution that allows for higher density.