Structured Cabling Installation Charlotte NC

Introduction to Structured Cabling Installation

Options for Structured Cabling Installation Charlotte NC Companies Should Know About

Structured Cabling Installation Charlotte NCA structured cabling system is an organized network of hardware and cabling that provides telecommunication infrastructure for a facility. When this infrastructure is designed and implemented, an entire office or building can run at its optimal level. An efficient cabling installation permits data transference through a network of computers, phone service, and more. At Network Products, Inc., we’ve provided structured cabling installation in Charlotte NC for businesses for years. As a result, we understand how companies can enjoy significant savings.

Below is some basic information about structured cabling installation. If you have questions about cabling installation or are considering upgrading your hardware, contact a specialist at Network Products, Inc. We will be pleased to provide you with actionable solutions that can help your business run more efficiently.

Unique Cabling Systems
Structured cabling installation in Charlotte NC can reflect whatever the needs are of a company– from workflow to layout to energy needs to so much more. The modifications of these systems can be found in the following:

  • Building architectural structure, which contains the installation of cabling
  • Products for cabling and connections
  • Cabling installation function and use
  • Type of equipment the cabling installment can support
  • Composition of the currently installed system
  • Requirements of the customer
  • Manufacturing warranties

Standards of Cabling
Charlotte NC structured cabling installation standards are overseen by the American National Standards Institute. They are responsible for establishing standard practices in the United States. The benefits of these standards for installing and designing cabling can include:

  • Layout and installation consistency.
  • Complying with transmission line requirements.
  • A foundation for exploring expansion options of the system.
  • Uniformed paperwork throughout the profession.

Structured Cabling Components
There are many components that are included within a structured cabling installation in Charlotte NC. Very often it includes one or more of the following aspects:

  • Entrance facilities
  • Horizontal cables
  • Transition points
  • Work area outlets
  • Equipment rooms
  • Telecommunication closets
  • Horizontal pathways
  • Cross-connect facilities
  • Multi-user telecommunicate outlets
  • Vertical and horizontal backbone cables
  • Consolidation points
  • Vertical and horizontal backbone pathways

Location of Entrance Facility
The entrance facility comprises of cabling components required to connect outside service facilities to cabling on the premises. These components can comprise of service entrance pathways, connective hardware, cables, circuit devices of protection and transition hardware. The location of the entrance facility can be based on the kind of building, whether the plant cabling is buried or aerial, architecture of building, and considerations for aesthetics.

  1. Aerial entrance: cables provide service to the facility through a pathway overhead, often the most low-cost kind of installation and is easily accessible for any maintenance or improvements. However, structured cabling installation in Charlotte NC can be subject to pedestrian and vehicle clearances. It can also cause damage to the exterior of the building and be vulnerable to wear and tear from weather inclements. Contact us to find out how we can minimize these risks.
  2. Buried entrance: cables are located underground and often without any additional covering or piping for protection. Can be more difficult to perform maintenance on, as it is not readily accessible.

The installation of cabling systems can be vital to the efficiency of telecommunications of a company, office or business space. When it comes to structured cabling installation Charlotte NC companies can count on us at Network Products, Inc. One of our specialists can assess your needs and provide the information you need. Give us a call today so that we can assist your company with your cabling needs.