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UTP SolutionsUTP Solutions


Network Products Inc. (NPI) works with companies to develop optimum solutions for their cabling needs, and unshielded twisted pair (UTP) cabling is the right choice for many businesses, building owners, and data centers. Our network specialists at NPI can help you identify your workflow pain points and determine the solutions that are best for you. UTP cable is a standard among long trusted cabling solutions, and offers many advantages. Give us a call today to learn more.


UTP Cable


UTP cable is representative of its name and is literally two wires that are tightly twisted together at its core. The wires are usually made from copper. UTP cable solutions are often used for networks, and in fact is the most popular choice of cable on the planet. After a detailed review of your needs, one of our NPI specialists can suggest whether or not UTP cable, either alone or in conjunction with other solutions, is the optimum choice.


Your Choices for UTP Cabling


UTP solutions are not limited to one type of UTP cable. There are six types of UTP cable, and each is intended for various applications. The naming convention used for UTP cable choices reflects the type of wire it is made with, the jack, how the wires are twisted, and even the quality level of the cabling.

They are typically used as follows:

  •         CAT1: This is often used for telephone wire and with a data rate of only one megabyte per second (mbps) is not sufficient to adequately support computer network traffic.
  •         CAT2: This supports computer traffic as well as telephone traffic. It offers speeds of up to four mbps, it is commonly used for token ring networks.
  •         CAT3
  •         CAT4
  •         CAT5
  •         CAT5e: This is one of the most commonly used UTP solutions. It has largely replaced the once ubiquitous coaxial cable because the latter cannot be relied up for more modern and faster networks that have become the standard.
  •         CAT6
  •         CAT6a
  •         CAT7


The Advantages that UTP Solutions Offer

The primary advantages of UTP solutions is that they offer flexibility and are cost effective. In fact, they are cheaper per yard when compared to other solutions, especially those that are used for local area network cabling purposes. In addition:

  •         UTP solutions are easy to install, which brings costs down and time to install can be much faster than more complex choices.
  •         UTP solutions are compatible with almost any type of networking system. This is due to their extensive use and popularity.

The Disadvantages of UTP Solutions

As with any type of cabling solution, UTP solutions has a few potential drawbacks. These will be considered when our NPI specialist works with you to determine your company’s optimum network solution. There are two main disadvantages of UTP solutions which may or may not be a factor when considering your unique circumstances:


  •         UTP solutions are vulnerable to potential interference from radio frequencies and electromagnetic equipment.
  •         UTP solutions offer a smaller bandwidth as compared to fiber optic cables and coaxial cables.

Learn if UTP Solutions Are Right for Your Company

Give us a call at Network Products, Inc. to request a free consult with one of our specialists. If UTP solutions are not the best choice for you, we will work with you to determine the optimum cabling answer.