Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting Solutions

Smart Lighting SolutionsMore and more businesses these days are investing in smart lighting solutions. This technology was created for energy efficiency, security, and convenience. Here are some of the benefits of smart lighting solutions.

Increased Safety

Smart lighting depends on sensors to monitor a building and detect when lights should be adjusted based on a schedule. For example, the sensors in commercial buildings can guarantee that employees always enter a well-lit space, preventing slip and fall accidents.

Sensors in bathrooms can make both employees and customers feel safer because they don’t have to clumsily use their hands to get to the light switch. Getting rid of the light switch also reduces the risk of germs.

Less Expensive Energy Bills

It can cost big bucks to keep on the lights in a commercial building. If your company switches to smart lighting solutions, you may see a reduction in your energy bills. It’s very easy to dim these lights. Lighting can be controlled and monitored from a mobile device, even if you’re far away from the building. When a room isn’t being used, you can instruct the bulbs to turn off and only turn on when someone is in the room again.

  • Smart light bulbs also automatically adjust the brightness of your lighting depending on how much natural light is present on a given day.
  • Smart light bulbs don’t have to be replaced as frequently as traditional light bulbs, so you can save money that way as well.

Good First Impressions

Smart lighting and other smart building solutions can make good first impressions on your customers. Lighting that is artfully selected and doesn’t produce a harsh glare can indicate to clients that your company cares about details and smart choices. 

Better Productivity

When offices are either too dim or too bright, they can negatively affect employee productivity. If they can’t see properly due to bad lighting, employees will have a more difficult time getting work done. For instance, workers in factories may have trouble operating heavy machinery with poor lighting, slowing down productivity.

How Does Smart Lighting Work?

Smart light bulbs can either be connected to the Internet through Wi-Fi or networking. The bulbs allow you to turn the lights on and off in your commercial building using voice control or through smartphone apps. It’s no longer necessary to get up and use light switches.

If your business is ready to experience all of the benefits of smart lighting solutions, get them installed in your building promptly. Call NPI Connect, we can help your business.