WAP Cabling Installation DC

Three Advantages of a WAP Cabling Installation Companies Choose


Wireless network technology has substantially advanced from even a few years ago. Companies that previously had dismissed the option of installing wireless access points (WAP) due to one or more concerns should consider revisiting this solution.

 This is particularly important when establishing a new communication network, or expanding an existing one. Call us to speak to one of our specialists at Network Products, Inc. to learn more about whether or not a WAP cabling installation is right for your company. The use of WAP can allow users to transmit data via radio frequencies rather than extending cabling to those access points. But is it right for you?


Below we detail three advantages of WAP applications that you may find beneficial.


  1.    Convenient and easy to use. In the past, a business was forced to join each access point to the network using cabling. A WAP cabling installation is different in that each access point, whether it’s in a conference room, visitors’ area, and other locations is connected to the network wirelessly. Many devices can be installed in the same area that can use the WAP. In addition, this system is scalable and without the need of installing additional cabling when expanding its size. It also negates the need for ripping out existing cabling because the WAP have no need of it in the first place. In fact, as bandwidth size expands with subsequent releases, replacement of cabling is not an issue.
  2.    Less costly. Refreshing hardware and cabling as needed is expensive. As a result, companies can suffer network and security issues if and when they cannot afford to upgrade when new releases become available. Because the number of devices that can access WAPs is virtually limitless, it does not require additional cabling. In this way, expanding the network will not include cabling and cabling installation costs. The lack of physical connections also means that expansion is faster. As an example, cabling between each cubicle and workstation to the primary network was required. With the advances in WAP installations, this is no longer necessary.
  3.    Visitor access is convenient and secure. In the past, visitors to a network that needed access for personal or work reasons were often an inconvenience. This was primarily for two reasons:
  4.    A limitation on the number of available physical, hardwired or cabled access points.
  5.    Access to the company’s network by an outsider represented the potential of introducing a security threat to the network.


A WAP cabling installation enables visitors to access the network from virtually anywhere without requiring an additional workstation, whose access can be limited by the network administrator using preset privileges. WAP cabling installations are also advantageous from a visitor’s standpoint because the visitor is not limited to specific computer configurations including operating system and hardware.  

While WAP cabling installation DC trusts may not be a good fit for all companies, it works well for most businesses that have need for an internal computer network. Call us at Network Products, Inc. to speak with one of our specialists to find out how we may be of assistance to your company.