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cabling solutionsConsiderations for WAP Cabling Installation NC Companies Choose for Their Network


When determining where to install a wireless access point (WAP) in a commercial building, there are several variables to take into consideration. At Network Products, Inc. we have helped many companies in North Carolina make informed decisions about their network. When expanding, upgrading, or even downsizing, keeping your network running with minimum downtime while optimizing communication is always ideal. However, if a wireless access point is not installed correctly, then it could negatively affect connectivity and uptime across wireless devices. When it comes to WAP cabling installation, North Carolina companies call us to make sure that their new or expanded network is optimally designed, installed, and integrated with existing hardware and software. Call us for a free consultation with one of our specialized technicians.


Talk to us about how we can help make sure your wireless access points are installed correctly and result in an improved network infrastructure. We will also make every effort to ensure that your company does not experience unnecessary or extensive downtime during installation. Our team is sensitive to importance of not interfering with your company’s business during the work day. When designing and installing your WAP network, some of the variables our technicians will take into account include the following:


  •         Building and workspace layout. A properly configured WAP installation must take into account the building floor plan. This includes the number of floors, square footage, and the necessary number of access points for optimum coverage.
  •         The number of wireless devices and employees needing access to the network. This will greatly affect the number of access points needed and will take into consideration times of heavy traffic on the network and in which locations.
  •         Obstructions of the wireless signal. Physical obstructions, whether they be walls, shelving units, machinery, or something else can greatly impede a wireless signal. When our specialists consider your building floor plan, they will take into account anything that might negatively affect the quality of your wireless network.
  •         Electronic interference. Many types of electronic devices can degrade wireless signals and degrade the network. For instance, microwave ovens are notorious for this as are certain types of medical equipment. Depending on the nature of your company’s business, and the location of devices that could cause interference, we will make adjustments as required in order to reduce or eliminate degradation of the WAPs.
  •         Location and installation of the WAPs. The WAPs will require cabling and must be placed where they will not be vulnerable to extreme temperatures or excessive moisture. Cabling must be installed and located in such a way that it will not be hazardous or visually unappealing to staff or visitors.  

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